Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What RESPECT do the Chinese people want and what RESPECT do you give them?
The answer is NOTHING!

Here is 2 very simple answers everyday that you see this Chinese people very proud to show what they do daily to other believers.

  1. The statue on the altar in front of their house doors. Tell them to get a pretty girl to stand in front of the statue on the altar and make her undress until totally naked. Then get a man to fuck her right in front of the statue on the altar. Will the statue call them to respect? Can the statue do anything to them instantly?
  2. Using toilet papers in the public toilet. The Chinese people show they are very proud to use the toilet papers when they shit. They feel that they are already clean after using the toilet papers. When somebody was sent to hospital for dehydration in an emergency, what do the doctor explain his condition? The doctor will say that he needs water as the human body is made up of 2/3 of water, the same as this world which is made up of 2/3 of water.
  3. If the Chinese people claim very proudly their body are clean using toilet papers, then tell them to use only 1/3 of water daily and 2/3 for the rest of the day to swallow toilet papers as toilet papers are dissolvable. Then they can prove to other believers they show truth as when they shit, what comes out of their shit-holes are clean shits which maybe in colourless form. And they can still use toilet papers to throw into the toilet bowls. This way the Chinese people can really help the Government save LOTS OF MONEY to give more resources to them.
  4. Another example of using toilet papers. When the Chinese people woke up every morning after making love the whole night with their body covered with semen and sweat, why do they use water to bathe and wash the stench? They should use toilet papers instead because they believe toilet papers make them clean. Then tell them to go to work in the offices and see the reactions of other people smell their body stench, admiring their nice faces or nice hairstyles by using toilet papers.
  5. Another example of using toilet papers. They put food offerings in front of their statues but left out the toilet papers. If their God spirits were really to eat the food then they will need to go to the toilets but where is the toilet papers to clean themselves up?
  6. The Chinese people will not hesitate to wash their cars or other vehicles, that are priced with government COEs, with water. If they are in the government work sectors, they will use free public water to wash their cars to save money.They will not even hesitate to send their clothes to the laundry to be washed with water. But why do the Chinese people are so very reluctant to wash their body with water? God create humans to put them in Heaven but not things, items or materials which are already unlimited abundances. But the Chinese people put values to things, items or materials far valuable than their own body. Thus the Chinese people definitely will not go to Heaven!
  7. The 2 items above are very simple and strong reasons why you DO NOT GIVE RESPECT to the Chinese people. If they are NOT HAPPY to hear these and begin to do BASTARD WAYS, then it is proof that they are SATAN PEOPLE! Do not be scared of the Chinese people just because they are the majority people who will give support to one another and they have all the resources to give to each other. They do not bother whether it is moral or immoral and whether it is good or bad. They don't give a damn care difference to whatever they do. Yet even on this world, the Chinese people already shows how so greedy they are to want everything than other believers. Being so inconsiderate and giving little opportunities to other flesh and blood human beings, the Chinese people have no place in HEAVEN.

If you are to die because of their bastard ways, you will die as JIHAD as you are saying the TRUTH. And the ONLY JIHAD IS TRUTH.
Nuclear weapons, suicide bombers, children throwing stones against fully-armed well-equipped enemies and mass protests that are only prone to violence and hinders normal livelihood are all shameless acts that are not TRUE ISLAM.

To boost your confidence in my words, repeat these lyrics from the latest American hit,
One love.....like you suck all the oysters (sic. horny sucking sounds)
One love.....like a can of Abolone (sic. so sticky and so wet)
One love.....there, there look at between her legs
One love.....so wonderful when she fully spread her legs. (2x)